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Google testing “People Also Consider” Label: Implications for Advertisers

Recently, Google has introduced a new feature that’s causing a stir among PPC marketers: the “People Also Consider” badge on ads within branded search results.

The Discovery:

This new ad badge has raised eyebrows and questions within the PPC community. Positioned beneath the company name, logo, and URL, its purpose remains ambiguous, sparking speculation about Google’s intentions.

When Google shows ads on its search results pages, they are typically labeled with an “Ad” badge, or “sponsored”. This badge is displayed prominently alongside the search result snippet, usually positioned above the organic search results. It serves as a clear indicator to users that the displayed link is a paid advertisement rather than an organic search result. Which is fine.

However, the new “People Also Consider badge” positioned beneath the company name, logo, and URL, which could potentially be a departure from the traditional placement of the “Ad” badge. This departure from the norm has understandably sparked curiosity and speculation within the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) community. After all, if you’re paying to promote your product why on earth would you want google to then show your audience, that you pay for, your competition?

The placement of this new ad badge beneath the company details introduces ambiguity regarding its purpose. The feature is not clickable either, and so is causing confusion amongst PPC marketers. Without clear information from Google, marketers and advertisers are left to speculate about the intentions behind this change.

Overall, the introduction of this new ad badge has prompted discussion and debate within the PPC community, as stakeholders seek to understand its implications for ad visibility, user experience, and advertising strategies on Google’s platform.

Google’s Silence:

Despite inquiries from industry experts, Google has remained tight-lipped about the new feature, leaving advertisers to ponder its implications and strategize accordingly.

Oak Haven Solutions’ Perspective:

At Oak Haven Solutions, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in digital marketing. Our team is dedicated to helping clients navigate these changes and seize opportunities for growth.

As we await further insights from Google, Oak Haven Solutions remains committed to providing strategic guidance and innovative solutions to our clients. Contact us today to discover how we can optimize your digital advertising strategy and drive sustainable growth for your business.


Why does this matter?

If Google begins compelling companies to participate in their competitors’ ad auctions, it could have detrimental effects on businesses. Potential customers searching for your brand might encounter ads from your competitors, leading to potential lost sales for you. Furthermore, investing in ads for searches related to competitor brands is unlikely to attract high-value customers, as they are specifically seeking out a particular brand, not just a general service. Ultimately, this scenario could result in a diminished user experience.

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